Weight loss diet for people with hypothyroidism

Weight loss diet for people with hypothyroidism
Weight loss diet for people with hypothyroidism

In Post Weight loss diet for people with hypothyroidism People who are due to hypothyroidism gland thyroid are overweight need to diet, weight loss, thyroid to have food to fit their situation they have to fit it. The thyroid gland is very important, and the cells have the energy they need to know as metabolism, which affects body temperature, heart rate and burning calories.Thyroid weight loss

کاهش وزن تیروئید

There are 2 types of thyroid disorders:

1. Proactive Thyroid

2 – Low Labor Thyroid

Disorder hypothyroidism is very common as a result of low production of thyroid hormone caused the common symptoms that can be Hshky skin, weight gain , hair loss , depression , irregular menstrual, insomnia, fatigue, cramps , colds , Counting constipation , but the most important thing is obesity.

Thyroid weight loss

Obesity and weight loss strategies for people with hypothyroidism

How to reduce thyroid dysfunction?

In this section we will provide 6 nutritional recommendations for people who suffer from obesity and overweight because of hypothyroidism.

1- Do these recommendations:

Use healthy foods and refined sugar

2. Regular exercise to burn fat:

To burn more fat, you need to exercise. If you exercise on an average, you also lower your thyroid hormone and prevent obesity. So concentrate on exercises like running, walking, aerobics.

Exercise regularly

Exercise to burn fat 

3. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates:

White flour, industrial juices, baking soda , soft drinks , cereals, canned food, what you can do is use complex carbohydrates. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates, such as  brown rice , raw fruits or natural juices, wheat, and oats are more suitable for these people.

4- Healthy snacks:

Snacking for health is very harmful. If you do not know how much and how much food you should eat, it is very important that you have a specific time for snacks and may cause low calories.

5- Use of coconut oil in daily diets:

Many oils contain vegetables that contain fatty acids that lower thyroid function and also cause obesity, so coconut oil contains healthy fats, and you can also use coconut oil for cooking or 20 minutes before Use food to improve metabolism and prevent obesity.

Eating coconut oil

Coconut oil in daily diet 

6- The best food for hypothyroidism

To improve thyroid, try using nuts and glands that contain selenium and improve thyroid function, and also use omega-3s that are present in fish for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is useful for hypothyroidism because it balances the hormones and lowers appetite and adds a tablespoon of it to the water and drink it daily.majaziha


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