What does your shoes have to do with your heart

What does your shoes have to do with your heart
What does your shoes have to do with your heart

Wearing the right foot can greatly contribute to the removal and repair of heart disorders, and also boosts blood circulation.

One of the most important components of general health is the health of the feet, which is often overlooked due to inappropriate footwear . High-heel shoes or foot-wearing shoes can be a major contributor to the problem of hemorrhaging the leg muscles, and harms, such as the occurrence of blood clots and infections, and problems with organ function and blood clotting, or heart and brain stroke. Have . In this part of the damp health , we will mention the disadvantages of wearing inappropriate shoes.Shoes and hearts

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What is the relationship betweenshoes and heart ?

The most important disadvantage of wearing the shoes is inappropriate for the heart

As the age increases, the muscles and muscles of the heart gradually weaken, and since the heart is a major cause of blood supply to various organs of the body. With this problem, the bleeding process affects the limb and causes complications, such as difficulty in the organs’ activity And blood clots or heart attacks and stroke, and doctors and experts recommend exercising in their daily schedule to prevent such problems.

If you notice a sign of poor circulation or loss of hair at that extreme location, you should know that they are all alert and alarm, which tells you to change your shoes at the first time.

One of the most effective exercises to improve this situation is to do stretching exercises, especially swimming. If you see any of the signs listed above on your legs, change your shoes because the heel shoes A pair of lifts, or boots that can be used on the individual’s feet, can be a major contributor to the problem of hemorrhaging the leg muscles and causing damage to the blood clot and infection.

Shoes and hearts
What does your shoes have to do with your heart

Inappropriate shoes and its effects on the heart

Suitable shoes for boosting circulation in the body and heart

People with problems such as impairment of heart function and bleeding process by choosing the right footwear can have a significant effect on the improvement of such problems. Experts advise such individuals to use soft and comfortable shoes to minimize the pressure and damage to the legs and to help massage the foot’s foot in improving blood supply to tissues.

Weak circulation is one of the important factors in the development of dangerous and deadly diseases, since such a problem exerts a lot of pressure on the heart muscle and endangers the health and life of the individual. For this reason, it is recommended to do activities such asmeditation , going to yoga classes and listening to relaxing music and more.

Another important factor in reducing heart rate and improving circulation is the drawing of paint and the use of deep breathing techniques. That engaging in such activities can help improve your heart function.

Using a healthy diet can also greatly improve the quality of the heart. In such diets it is recommended to use vegetables and fruits and vegetable oils, such as olive oil .

In order to prevent such problems from exercise and physical activity and exercise, avoiding smoking, it is very effective to avoid excessive consumption of caffeine .

Relationship of shoes and hearts

Does Inappropriate Shoes Affect Heart Health ?

Complications of wearing inappropriate shoes

For several occasions, in the damp health sector , we mention the serious complications of wearing inappropriate shoes, most notably:

  • Tired shoulder
  • Heel pain
  • Stiff toes
  • Creates a foot ulcer in people with diabetes
  • leg pain
  • Pie athletes
  • Calluses, corns Vtavl
  • Frying nails in the meat
  • Swollen ankle

Disadvantage of Inappropriate Shoe

Inappropriate shoe complications and dangers for the heart

A few tips to keep your feet healthy

Keep your feet clean and dry and wash your feet with lukewarm water and soap every night, massage them, then dry well. Dry your toes to cope with fungal infections.

• Check your legs at bedtime every night, and see any changes in the foot skin and the color of the toenails, because they can be a sign of a fungal infection.

• When scratching your nails, beware that the nails do not fall into the skin and flesh of the fingers, as it causes painful infections.

• Do not apply the lacquer because it causes thickening, cracking, discoloration and corrosion of the nails.

• Do not walk without socks or slippers in public areas such as a club or pool, as it will cause fungal infections.

• Do not share your shoes, slippers or socks with others

• Wear cotton socks.

• Use cool and comfortable shoes in the summer.

• Use leather shoes because they cause air circulation in the shoes.

• Do not wear tight shoes.

Avoid wearing sharp shoes because it can damage your toes and pineal glands.


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