What is my husband crazy?

What is my husband crazy?
What is my husband crazy?

In Post What is my husband crazy? One of the contradictions in behavior and non-harmony in thoughts and in common life is the detriment of a woman or husband that causes the disintegration of a common life. Therefore, the best way to solve this problem is to identify the type of anger and to eliminate it by way of It is principled. In this part of moistenedwith spouse greed and miserly frugal person to know and to know the difference.Husband is foolish

شوهر خسیس

Husband is foolish

Familiarity with the type of husband’s mischief

What kind of mischief is my foolish husband ?

Emotional fatigue!

Although many of us have a disadvantage in terms of financial (money) and material (other assets), it may also be foolish on other issues. One of these issues is in emotional relationships. These people are more receptive, so the donor does not share their feelings and emotions with others, they are always afraid of intimacy and control and do not share their happiness with others.

Fraud is not limited to financial matters, nor is it solely for men. It is a mischief in financial affairs and assets, because they are men, heads of household and directors, they may be more women than women, but poor women can also challenge life in common.

Is genetic damage?

Abuse is a personality trait that is always associated with the person. Personality traits make people aware of it, and in fake individuals this is a mischief in all their behaviors. Many of the personality traits are determined by the genes, or the genes affect the incidence and severity of the personality traits, but no genes have been found about the damage.

Kind of mischief

How to deal with the foolish husband?

How to deal with foolish husband in common life

Genes predispose individuals to certain behavioral patterns and may result in certain traits. Anxiety is related to the deformity and the genus causes anxiety symptoms and then they cause anger. The gene called COMT, which plays a role in the metabolism of dopamine, leads to the appearance of generosity in the individual.

Is it a mental disorder?

Fatigue is a vision of life and is not a psychiatric disorder, but in the event of severity, it affects the person and his or her associates, such as psychiatric disorders. Fatigue is one of the most important symptoms in identifying a personality disorder ( personality disorder ) in which a person is sensitive to himself and others.

If a person does not feel at fault but is detrimental to others, we should see other features of the self-taught person. If one is not futile about himself and other people around him, and it is only futile about his wife, we must consider emotional and communicative problems in him.

The Way of Life with the Foolish Man

Correctly dealing with foolish husband

Kids see …

The environment of our lives and the type of family’s look at the money and its way of dealing with financial affairs is affected by corruption, and most of the glance towards devious psychological aspect is. Patterns of frustrated parents and life in poverty are affecting a person’s fatigue.

Poor life makes a person uncertain to the future and sees his parents’ concerns about the material things of life, and thus tries to mumble on the poor before he returns to the poor past, he always feels “scarcer,” and his concern with Money-making is also not overcome, and by buying up money, it tries to reassure itself.

On the contrary, it is a time when a person is exhausted and when they face a tension such as anger , they feel lonely and go shopping, or when they are overjoyed and overwhelmed, they are bought and usually left empty. Do not return. This behavior can be the result of parents’ misconduct and neglect in childhood .


Difference between husband and husband

Foolish husband or scribe ?!

Detecting a person is not easy, and sometimes it’s not possible to distinguish a person from a bad person. The major differences in the discriminating behavior of abusive behaviors are: 1 The purpose of collecting money or not spending it, 2 Understanding and rationalizing it by others, 3 Undesirable consequences.

A person in his life has goals such as buying a home or a car, sending children to a university, paying for sickness or saving old age and retirement, who collects money to achieve this goal, and his goal is not “raise money”.

An individual who does not endure himself or herself, or does not endanger his / her physical and mental health and his or her family, in order to prevent a future crisis. The individual earns his income in such a way that he will spend all his expenses, which in no way diminishes his purpose and always serves the welfare of the individual or family. The person’s behavior is intelligent, purposeful and understandable.

Foolish person wants money only for future disasters that are not all understandable to them and expressed as “if” with a low probability, and does not spend on necessary things. Foolish person makes a lot of time and energy sacrifice to raise money, and he always thinks he is involved in money and collecting it. An individual can never act financially when family members live in a tense atmosphere and their health is in danger.


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