What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames

What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames
What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames

In Post What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames around the world Researchers have discovered an abnormal kind of methane that is descended from the depths of the earth all over the world .

Over the mountains in the southwest of Turkey, the earth is flaring for years. The eternal shrines known as the Kiramas flames  have been burning for thousands of years. Old myths say that the fire comes from the monster’s breath that is half the goat and half the snake and half the lion. Today, we know that the fuel of this peak is a gas flaring out of the depths of the earth; but this gas, like fossil fuels, does not come from the decay of plants and algae and the life of an old animal; it is the result of a chemical reaction occurring within the rocks.

The study  , commissioned by a group of international scientists called the Deep Carbon Observatory , suggests that, unlike the previous idea, the source of this gas on Earth is abundant. Giuseppe Etiopia, a member of the discovery team for the cause of the Kiram flames, says:

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We have discovered this unusual type of methane in many places. This is not a rare phenomenon.

Over the past decade, scientists have discovered hundreds of gas reserves in more than 20 countries, and even at several points in the sea, like the Kirams flames. They found that the instructions for creating these gas publications are more complex than previously thought. Benedictine Mees of the Parisian Institute of Physics says:

We now have a better understanding of the different methane production methods. Biological patterns are not just what we know.

This kind of methane, called methane, is not “methane”, which results in the destruction of bodies of living organisms in sedimentary rocks. The chemical reactions that produce these gases include water and rocks that are sometimes miles away from the Earth’s surface. Researchers have collected and analyzed samples of gas for several years. Using specific tools to discover the source of these gases, they discovered the basic foundations of Earth’s deep underground:  remove hydrogen from hydrogen and blend it with inorganic carbon from minerals or gas. Then add a different metal-rich metal substance to the reaction to produce advanced process and non-metallic methane.

When water penetrates the rocks inside the ground, hydrogen often results from a serpentine reaction  . However, the instructions are not the same everywhere, and there may be different types of minerals or different stored carbon in the environment in different places. Hydrogen can also be obtained by friction or bypassing instead of being serpentinized. The temperature conditions are not the same and can range from 250 degrees F (121 degrees Celsius), which can support life to around 900 degrees Fahrenheit (482 degrees Celsius) where life is not possible.


The eternal flames that strike through the rocks of the National Park of the Olympus Bidgliari of Turkey.

Kimara fire flares are the result of the accumulation of calcareous limestones rich in carbon dioxide or calcium carbonate and serpentine-rich hydrogen-rich stones; but in oceans and places such as the hotbed of the city of the lost city , more methane is produced in more severe temperature conditions, that is, , Exposed to seawater.What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames

In all of these cases, we witness chemical synthesis (chemical synthesis). It can be said that chromosomal photosynthesis is deep underground, with the difference that its energy  does not provide the sun , but it comes from a chemical reaction. Both processes transform inorganic molecules into organic products that can be used in life, a process that is the basis of all existing ecosystems on Earth. In some cases, in the process of chemotherapy, amino acids are also produced that are constructive units of life.What is the cause of the eruption of eternal flames around the world

Using newly designed tools for deep-sea studies, researchers can determine whether methane originates from ancient life or inert stones. By doing so, they can discover the mysteries of how life on earth is born and the possibility of life in other worlds such as Mars or Enceladus. Scientists suspect that chemtization is likely to be older than photosynthesis, and in this reaction microbes that feed on methane and microbes that produce methane may have emerged. Dr. Mees says:

We know that life has not been lost. By finding analogs for the production of methane by living microbes and the production of methane due to chemical reactions, we may find clues about the origin of these germs. In the early history of Earth, life may have been a mimic of natural geological processes.

The researchers plan to study the amount of methane in the future as well as its storage location.majaziha


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