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We’re curious about the best in this world, whether it’s a car, food, home or park or hotel. We want to know where the best hotel in the world is, what facilities and how much it costs to stay overnight, and why they have given it the title of the best hotel, even if we do not have the opportunity to stay in it, and just think of it, and even if Getting the power out of our head when it comes to its features.

The hotels listed below are from the best hotels in the world to select CNN and Telegraph sites in 2017.

Hotel Pelican, Tuscany, Italy

Pelikan Hotel


The Pelikan Hotel, which just celebrated its 50th birthday, was built in 1960 by an English pilot and his American wife on the Italian coast of Tuscany. And these days, its employees, like members of a family and its guests, are more than usual customers. The Pelikan Hotel is located amongst pine and cedar trees with a magnificent view of the sunset at the end of the beach. This is a stylish place with old weather like stories and decorating its 50 rooms with the most beautiful antique Tuscany used. Apart from the rooms, there are also wooden cottages, which are made under the same olive and cedar trees.

Pelicans are more like homes than hotels. There are two restaurants in this hotel, a stylish restaurant and a typical restaurant where Italian chefs offer the best of cuisine for guests. Flower baths, made from marble, hot water pools and beach terraces, are some of the things that guests expect from this hotel.

The cost of staying in this two-story hotel room is £ 345.

Hotel Nayara Springs, Costa Rica

Hotel Naira Springs

This hotel is located in Costa Rica. Each of its 16 villas has a private swimming pool and is filled with water from the mineral springs of the Arnal volcano, which is located nearby. Venetian mirrors, handmade carpets and neuvees add to the euphoria of being present in this remote corner of the forest, complemented with daily springs of mineral water and yoga.

Hotel guests are introduced to a local guide with their neighbors, the monkeys and blue butterflies, and this is just one of the services the hotel provides for its guests.

Stay at the Naira Springs Hotel’s two-star hotel room starts at about 400 pounds a night.

Hotel Maris, Turkey

Hotel di Marissa

The hotel is located on the coastal hills of almond trees and has a view to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The bright sea of ​​turquoise and the tranquility and silence of the sea are the least of all that guests of Hotel Maris get. The Maris Hotel has a glass-footed oven and if you want it, you will find a terrace overlooking the sea, indoor pool, private beach, sailing, massage, diving, gym, outdoor swimming pool and helicopter, which transfer guests from the airport to Dalaman. Includes amenities. The Japanese restaurant serves the guests of the hotel with a variety of tastes for those who love eastern cuisine and four international restaurants.

The 2-bed room at this hotel is 220 pounds a night.


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