Where the hills are dearer than the cavalry

Where the hills are dearer than the cavalry
Where the hills are dearer than the cavalry

In Post Where the hills are dearer than the cavalry Tehran is not a city to walk, you may walk out, but get to get into the car because the sidewalks are either over, or too narrow, just for passing a thin cat or have changed the parking lot. There are many sidewalks that are constantly undergoing sweeping operations, and their gut is thrown out and should be avoided, went to the streets, left the cars and saved themselves. Can you get to Tehran? As you go by car, the whole city should be on foot everywhere. Vali Asr avenue, Keshavarz Blvd, part of Shariati, Suhrawardi, Tehran’s popular streets for walking, or, for example, built a bridge of nature for the pedestrians who can be rejected without anxiety from a motor and car accident on the teacher’s highway, and with a full look at the highway traffic Watch out and sit in the cafe and restaurant and eat something. But what about the rest of the city? Do you have to board a car to walk on one of these streets to walk safely and without fear? There are still no plans for those who want to walk the whole city, or maybe there and we have not seen. Now who are you saying who wants to walk the whole city? Who wants to go to Sa’adat Abad, Tajrish? Is not it time to get out of time? But many want. Walking is an important part of tourism. Look at the experience of countries that have a detailed program for tourists.

Experience of countries

Sidewalks are very important in the new trends in urban planning in the world. If until today the emphasis was put on the construction of streets and highways, and they took all the roads from the hiking paths to the ranks, then the routine would have changed.

In the city of York, England, on many roads (designed for pedestrians and riders), they provide hours for the entire day to the pedestrians. Of course, in the old part of the city, even in cases where there is a special route for passing cars, people move easily and without fear. On some of the narrow streets, which only have the possibility of passing a car, the municipality has gone a long way since the old streets have been preserved, and the street has been open for cars.

Another example can be seen in Bremen, Germany. They have cleaned up part of the city to keep the pedestrians safe and welcome walking along the way. This has also led to the economic prosperity of small shops. Experts believe that areas where car entry is prohibited or restricted, will make people more comfortable and more likely to stay longer in catering and interacting areas and get acquainted with each other in urban centers. Of course, the design of these pedestrians has been used well for green space, and despite the greenery of the city of Bremen, they have been used wherever possible to make the sidewalk more green.

When you walk on one of the streets of Amsterdam, sometimes large colonies cross your path and ask adults to take moments like a baby and forget about their hard social and economic conditions. This invitation and kind of encounter for many people are memorable and memorable. In different cities of Iran in the past not so many different types of events, including sports, recreation, religion, etc. took place in the markets and squares and gathered people. Performances of artistic footprints are fixed on the footpaths of many cities. In a university town like Sheffield, England, they perform on the sidewalks, artists and musicians from different nations for the people. One of the most valuable activities of pedestrian walkways is the creation of co-operation and social activities for benevolent people.

In Athens, tourists can easily tour, buy statues, pottery and crafts, live performances of Greek music, and eat local cuisine. Interestingly, in the context of the current economic crisis, Athens’s municipality’s revenues are higher than cultural and tourist activities since the pre-crisis period. Research shows that due to the effort, people are trying to get rid of the tensions caused by the crisis by helping them travel to a quiet place like Athens.


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