Wonderful applications of soft drinks that few people know

WonWonderful applications of soft drinks that few people knowderful applications of soft drinks that few people know
Wonderful applications of soft drinks that few people know

In Post Wonderful applications of soft drinks that few people know Perhaps, if you know what these drinks are strange and non-festive, you can find the drawbacks and no longer use it.

Drinks have been sold in different countries since ancient times and are consumed as a beverage in many restaurants. In addition to using the beverage, there are many non-edible non-food items that we will offer in this section of the damphouse tips .

Application of Soda

What are the drinks?

Understanding the odd and unusual uses of soft drinks to clean up all kinds of stains

Removes fat stains clothes

Fats are scarlet stains that are hard to get rid of. In some cases, fat stains with washing do not disappear.

So, when washing clothes in a washing machine, it is necessary to pour a glass of beverage before the washing powder in the tank to get rid of the fat droplet because the carbonic acid and phosphoric acid present in the beverage are patchy.

Soft drinks, car bumper cleaner

You can use a beverage to power the car bumper because it does not energize any car like a car bumper.

Washing The Car

Use of soft drinks for cars

Strange beverage applications 

Drink, Insect Destruction

With some beverage, you can make traps for mosquitoes and flies. In such a way that you put a little beverage in a bottle and put it under the trees, you will see in 30 seconds, the insects will go to it very quickly and will not come to you.

Separating rust bolts with soda

If it’s difficult for you to open the rust bolt, pour some of the beverage into a bowl and place the bolts and nuts in it for 15 minutes.


Application of Soda for Rustled Metals

Extremely Interesting Drink Uses 

Get rid of the mice with soda

Mice are the animals that cause the transmission of diseases, so there’s a good way to get rid of the mice. It might be interesting to know that mice love to drink.

And because their body is not able to dispose of carbon-carbon drinks, these drinks make them sick and obese, leading to their death, so place in a few drops of drinking water at your home to eliminate the mice.

Power the copper and silver with soda

Drop the copper dishes to matte and polished, pour some soft drinks onto the cloth and drain the copper, then rinse and dry with a clean cloth. Soak dishes and silver jewelry for a few minutes in a soft drink and wash with soap and water, then rinse and dry until it is well energized.

Copper cleaning

Application of soda to wash dishes

Use of Drink at Home

Separating chewing gums from different levels with soft drinks

To disassemble the gum sticking to the hair, on the carpet, the wall and … the beverage can be an easy solution. So that the clothes should be soaked in a soft drink so that the chewing gum is removed.

Removing water vapor from the frozen glass of the car

Steam drink water cleans the water from the front of the car.

Cleaning the car battery polarity

Soda can clean up the car battery polarity. To do this, pour a beverage can on the poles to clean it up by grabbing it.

To cook juicy flesh

To cook juicy flesh, wrap the meat on an aluminum wrap and place it in a pan that is full of soda to cook. Thirty minutes before baking, open the aluminum paper, and mix the juice of the meat with the beverage in the pan so that you can make a unique brown sauce.

Soda and kettle

The use of soda in cooking and food

Use of Drinks for cleaning and hygiene

Cleaning the burning pot with soda

Pour the beverage into burning pot and heat it for a gentle heat for 20 minutes to relieve the burns of the pot. Then rinse it, but if burns still occur, pour some of the beverage into the container and let it stay for one night so that the burn can be easily removed.

Sanitary towels with soda

To clean sanitary napkins instead of hazardous chemicals, pour a small bottle of sugar into the toilet and let it stand for an hour and then rinse it. This method does not harm the environment. The acidity of the product in the beverage affects contaminated sediments. .

Toilet wash

Use of soft drinks to clean the bathroom

Application of Soda to clean the house

Clear the stain of blood with soda

The beverage has the ability to clean the blood spot from the clothes. Just before washing the clothes, pour some of the beverage on a blood spot and wait 5 minutes and then wash the clothes with a washing powder.

They also use soda to remove spots of blood from asphalt. The policemen have two gallons of beverage in their car trunk to clean the blood with the help of the road in the event of an accident.

Power the glass with soda

Fosfric acid-free beverage quickly cleans up various stains and contaminants on glass surfaces. Just add some glasses of spray to the glass and clean it with a sponge and then wash it with soap and water.

Wash the glass

Application of soda to remove glass spots

Home Appliances A Bottle Of Soda 

Rinse out of soft drinks

Drink can clean and rusty rust-free, iron-based devices, so that you have to rinse the rust-proof instruments for 24 hours in the beverage, and then rinse the product with water and dry immediately. The beverage can remove the spots from the carved car’s shield, so that the shield is impregnated with a piece of aluminum-coated aluminum foil.

Removing stain of machine oil with soda

Pour a bottle of beverage onto the floor to remove the stain of the car’s oil on the floor and allow it to stand still. Then rinse the stain.

Clean ink on the carpet with soda

To remove the effect of ink on carpet and carpet, pour some of the beverage onto the stain and leave it to dry for 10 minutes, then drain it onto the vacuum cleaner. Be sure that something like a beverage does not clean the ink effect from carpet and carpet!

Pool cleaner

With a few liters of soda, you can clean the floor of your swimming pool clean and shiny and eliminate it. Just pour into the pool and wait until the beverage has its own effect.

Swimming pool

Use a soft drink to clean the pool

Different uses of beverages 

Removing paint from furniture and other surfaces

If during the coloring of the furniture unwittingly spray paint into it, you can easily remove the unwanted color using a soaked towel.

Make the ocher hair smooth

Wash your hair with a soft drink, so that your hair is smooth. After washing your hair with water, be sure to wash it with water.

Get rid of bad smell

Drinks are absorbing so you can dispose of it by pouring black beverages into a place where bad smells come out. If you put the soft drinks in the refrigerator open to your home, it absorbs the smells of food .

The smell of soda

Best Drink Uses 

The use and interesting use of soft drinks 

Beverages serving horticulture

Add a few drinks to your herbal compost every week, so that plants grow more due to the formation of more microorganisms on the soil.

Power the old coins

Pour the coins into a bowl filled with black beverages, and do not worry about getting old coins.

Get rid of coke in the hair

Scrubbing the hair with a soft drink causes fleas to flea away. After a few minutes, wash your hair well with water.

Fix hair coke

Application of Drink for healthier hair

The application of black beverages in everyday life

Getting rid of the pain of biting bites of animals

Black drinks, because of chemicals, neutralize the pain caused by sting, so do not be horrified when you are fed with bees or jellyfish.

Color property

You can use this black drink to paint freshly colored hair. When the color of your hair is not desired, you can remove it by using a soft drink, but it’s not long before you paint your hair.

Window cleaner

Black beverages have good power to clean the windows. You can have a super-clean window in spite of the acidic acid inside the beverages. 


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