Your big mistakes in cooking and preparing meals

Your big mistakes in cooking and preparing meals
Your big mistakes in cooking and preparing meals

In Post Your big mistakes in cooking and preparing meals All women love cooking and they do it as a home-grown job for their spouse and children, but there are things that you should follow to get better cooking; common mistakes in preparation There is a food that lowers the quality of food and as you should not enjoy the food in this part of the humidity, we will deal with a few of them.Cooking Mistakes

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Mistakes that affect the cooking and preparation of food

Do not read the recipes before you begin:

In our age of access to the recipe, the ingredients, especially if you are studying online, are easy. You can increase the specialty of cookery by avoiding the general habit of creating assumptions. To give yourself the best chance of success, read the instructions thoroughly. Read, of course, before the time of the start, not only do you know what is needed for food, you will also know how much money you need.

Use of inappropriate cutting boards:

Smoothie boards are sure to be fun, but it’s not so useful , regardless of how much strawberries arestripped or prepared for a seasoned drink.

Note: Give yourself enough space to work, and make sure the cutting board is large enough for this. Breaking and crushing is much easier than everything on the board is too small.

Using an Invalid Knife of Cooking Mistakes :

Before you take the knife, think of what you’re using, you break a little something like garlic? Or do you deal with something bigger like a chicken? You might want to crush food with the knife you want.

Tip: Always use a knife to grind. Do not think of your cuisine as a comprehensive knife. In a household kitchen, it’s different when cutting meat, fruits, and vegetables, with a knife cutter to split the bread.

Cooking Mistakes

Use of inappropriate knife 

Use the benchmark:

Not only will you be less busy when you have a busy work space, but this will put you at higher risk of food contamination.

Note: Clean environment allows you to organize more work and save time.

Add raw ingredients to cold pans:

In most cases, it is best to warm the pan and then add oil and food, but some people add oil and food to the pan and then put on the oven . The food should never be placed in a cold oven . Ingredients Soak oil or butter and are more likely to stick to the pan.

Note: Make sure the frying pan and oil are hot before adding the ingredients. The hot flask prevents food from sticking.

Bake the meat straight out of the refrigerator:

It does not matter if beef, calf, chicken or fish should never be placed directly from the refrigerator or freezer inside the oven or in a grill or hot plate, resulting from a piece of meat that may not be completely cooked.

Note: Remove meat and fish from the refrigerator and let it stay for about 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature. Transferring the protein to room temperature allows it to cooing uniformly.

Tasting food when cooking:

Losing food as a chef leaves you with a food that is tasteless, tasteless and unbalanced. It’s a big hit on food that might otherwise be really tasty.

Tip: Taste all the food in a bowl more delicious and that all the ingredients get the taste of each other.

Common Cookery Mistakes

Tasting food when cooking from common kitchen mistakes 

Bustle the pan of cooked mistakes :

When you overload the frying pan not only will the temperature drop, but there’s a lot of moisture that leads to steam instead of drying, which also results in non-uniform baking.

Tip: Use a frying pan to get the right amount of food you need to cook when you are baking meats, make sure none of these ingredients are touched, there should be space between them.

Tasting Food When Bake From Cooking Mistakes:

Taste cooking is like writing a book without refreshing, and having to wait until dinner on the table may not have a good taste.

Tip: cook food while you cook and add more seasonings and spices if necessary. Do not be afraid to re-taste the food.

Do not break meat after cooking:

You are hungry and want to eat faster, but if you want to eat food quickly after eating meat, it will be spread on a board or plate.

Tip: cook meat on the oven or barbecue for at least five minutes at room temperature.

Soft and crushed vegetables:

The issue of timing here is important because vegetables are often prepared before other foods to add vegetables to boiling water or steaming for just three to seven minutes. Green beans , asparagus , carrots, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts will all create refreshing colors with a crisp texture, but if they are cooked or steamed, they will be soft and crushed.

When you have finished baking, pour the vegetables in a jar or get very cold underneath to stop the baking process. Pour the vegetables in a bowl and cover it with a foil and keep it warm until it’s hot.

Mistakes in cooking

Mistakes in cooking and preparing food 

Freezing salads:

The salads, especially the vegetable salad, are gone after hours and lose their original form.

To keep the taste and appetite of the salad, pay attention to the following points:

If you wash vegetables, you should dry them before mixing the salad, as extra water gives you a watery dressing, and the sows that are oil will remain on the water and do not mix with the ingredients.

When the salad is made, do not add the sauce until the cedar. In the preparation of salad, pour the sauce next to the bowl, preventing the salad dressing. The coolness of the salad before the cedar made the vegetables look fresh.

Inappropriate use of oil:

If you are struggling to be balanced, you may have included healthy oils in your cooking. However, healthy oils like olive oil have a small amount of smoke and can produce a lot of smoke when placed at high temperatures. Even worse, healthy oil decomposes under heat and then gets unhealthy. To be Take a few moments before buying cooking oils:

Choose oil based on only two factors: flavor and smoke. First, consider whether you want to use it for a vegetable salad, or for frying or cooking. Untreated oil will have lower smoke rates, which will make them unusable for high temperature baking. However, they are usually rich in flavor, suitable for salad dressing or vegetables.

Olive, walnuts, flaxseed, avocado , or almond oil all have distinct choices with a distinct flavor that may be used to enhance the salad taste. Other good alternatives are the tartar or grape juice of canola oil.

To cooking or frying, refined oil with a high smoke spot is a better choice. Choose a greasy oil. Earlier this sector also points Home damp noted that Asian sesame oil may be perfect for frying foods, but rich taste it is not suitable for baking cakes.

Sesame and coconut are highly flavored oils with high smoke points. Healthy oils that stay stable at high temperatures and have a taste, neutral taste, rapeseed, peanut , sunflower seeds. Avoid corn oil with a high level of saturated fats and soy oil. Unfortunately, this process also creates trans fat that is not for healthy people.

Spread the butter:

Take some butter and place it on the plate. Let it stay at room temperature for 5 minutes, then act as directed. Another aspect is that the butter is so soft if it is, just put it in the fridge for 5 to 10 minutes to get tightened.

Spread the butter

Spread the butter 

The correct method of boiling eggs:

Add the egg to boiling water and put it in hot water instead of placing it in cold water and then drain it out to help isolate the egg shell. Add one or two tablespoons of white wine vinegar with a little salt. Each teaspoon is enough for three eggs.

Do not cook too much, and when cooking is done, immediately place it in cold water. Let it cool for 15 minutes before removing the skin. Do not use fresh eggs. If you buy a local egg, let it stay for 10 to 14 days because fresh eggs will always stick to the skin.

Cooking Over Pasta Mistakes of Cooking:

Pasta has a delicate texture and it’s too early to make a paste. Pour a pack of paste in 1.5 liters of boiling water and stir until the filaments are not sticking together. Always remember to boil the makers in a large pots.

Do not give cooking time to rice:

Rice is one of the most commonly used seeds that is eaten in large parts of the world. However, cooking a fluffy rice dish is one of the great challenges of many chefs complaining about rice. Place the rice completely under cold water until any excess mill and starch powder is washed.

Make sure the pot is right and, as soon as the water starts to boil, slowly lower the temperature and open the door, add white rice to 20 minutes and cook rice for 30 minutes. When the cooking time goes up, turn off the heat and allow the rice to steam for 10 minutes. This steam trapping period will end the baking process.


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